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A feature of many older Australian homes is the original fireplace. While these fireplaces have a distinctive charm they don't provide the same warmth of a modern Nectre fireplace. They might even be a dangerous place to set a fire!

The answer is the Nectre Inbuilt. It has all of the Nectre features built into a fireplace. It will fit easily into most existing fireplaces and will produce 15kW (50,000 BTU) to heat an area of 140m2 (15 squares). The inbuilt firebox is designed as an efficient heat exchanger which maximizes the amount of convected warm air for circulation through your home.

Your old fireplace will now work more efficiently (up to 250% more), use less wood and still retain its unique charm. The Nectre inbuilt must be installed into an existing masonry fireplace to comply with AS2918. Consult your dealer for details on installation requirements.



Specifications (External/Facia)

Height: 643 mm
Width: 680 mm
Depth: 330 mm
Door Aperature: 250mm x 495mm
Flue Diameter: 150mm
Weight: 120kg

inbuilt woodheater nectre

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