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The Heart of the Heat

We all enjoy the sight of a living, dancing fire, set in a traditional mantel fireplace. But there is the wood to chop, the fire to set and ash to clean. Unless of course you install a Wonderfire. A Wonderfire looks so real you could be forgiven for believing the coals or wood logs are real. In fact they are made of ceramics that not only look realistic but reach their maximum temperature in a matter of minutes. At its heart is a sophisticated ceramic venturi burner that proportions and premixes the gas to ensure complete combustion. At 1200C it gives a real fire glow at the base of the coals or logs. The gases then pass through secondary slots, are mixed with more air and then burnt again to produce clean flames that dance and shimmer like a real log fire.
It's a system that no other gas fire can match for warmth and effect.


Warmth at the push of a button

The Wonderfire offers the convenience of an electronic ignition system that incorporates a pilot light for ease of operation or you might also choose our optional remote control. Safety is also an important feature of the Wonderfire. A flame failure device automatically turns the gas off in the event of the fire going out.


Wonderfire fan forced performance

Designed to maximise the heat produced by the burner, the Wonderfire fan forced box incorporates a unique heat exchanger at the top of its firebox. The hot exhaust gases heat the air in the heat exchanger and transfers this warm air back into your room with the assistance of a fan. The Wonderfire Fan Forced Box can be installed into an existing chimney using one of our existing Edwardian or Victorian cast iron fascias or can be adapted by your Wonderfire Dealer into a new installation using the 'Easy-fit' version where no masonry is required.


Fits an existing fireplace, wonderfully

Walk into a room with an open fireplace, complete with mantel and decorative surrounds and you are immediately drawn to it. It is a feature that always becomes the focal point of a home. But not everyone wants the odour or inconvenience of a wood fire. Wonderfire is the answer! The simplest way to rejuvenate and existing fireplace, turning it into a smokeless open gas fire, is to install the Wonderfire. Fit the Wonderfire using a new freestanding grate or your existing grate can be adapted. You can dress up your new Wonderfire by installing it in one of our standard Edwardian or Victorian decorative castings. Now available with electronic ignition and optional remote control or a manual unit with piezo ignition.
Turn a blank space into an elegant fireplace.


Wonderfire Easyfit.

How do you achieve the warmth and character of a real fire where no chimney or fireplace exists? It's easy with Wonderfire Easyfit. So easy you can do it yourself. The Easyfit system comes pre-assembled including the cast iron surround of your choice (Edwardian or Victorian),zero-clearance fan box with gather, manual or electronic Wonderfire burner in log or coal.
Add a traditional timber mantelpiece and what was once a blank space becomes the elegant focal point of your room. The Wonderfire Easyfit can be placed directly onto a wooden floor, connected to gas and a single skin flue that extends 600mm above the roof. You can fabricate a chimney breast around the unit yourself or have your sales consultant organise this for you.



The simplest way to make your existing fireplace into and open gas fire, it can be placed into existing fireplaces using a new free standing grate or perhaps your existing grate can be adapted. Optional remote control available. Also available with a manual valve and piezo ignition.

nectre wonderfire with tiled facia

Wonderfire with tiled facia


nectre wonderfire with arch facia

Wonderfire Easyfit with arch facia


nectre wonderfire with stainless steel facia

Wonderfire with stainless steel facia


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