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Masport Freestanding Convection Wood Heater Range

Masport F2000

The F2000 efficiently heats small to medium sized areas. The flush front window gives a warm…

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Masport F3000

This modern day versatile fire can fit into any room easily, and match any style. It's perfect…

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Masport F7000

The F7000, the largest of the F series, offers an ultra stylish alternative look for the modern…

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Masport F12000

With its large capacity and powerful output, the F12000 is a stylish choice for large rooms and…

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Masport F3300C

Enjoy the unparalleled ambience of a great wood burner that's built to last.


Masport Hestia Clean and efficient heat using convection technology.
Masport Atlanta

Efficient and practical solution to warm up large spacious areas.


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