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The Eureka Gemini Freestanding has been developed to fill the demand for a rugged, efficient and powerful double fronted woodheater. The Gemini has been designed from a combination of the Duet and Opal Freestanding woodheater models.


Emissions: 2.4g
Efficiency: 64%*
Log Length: 710mm


  • Two one-piece flat glass doors.
  • Strong 5mm thick firebox.
  • 8mm Baffle Plate.
  • Two quality three-speed fans designed for greater air movement.
  • Pre-heated primary air
  • Firebrick lined on both sides to retain heat
  • Complies to Standards AS/NZS 4012/4013/4014.1:1999.


Dimensions - Freestanding Dimensions

Capacity: Up to 280m2
Height: 700mm
Width: 680mm
Depth: 820mm
Weight: 218kg
Flue Size: 150mm


Dimensions - Through Combustible Wall

Height: 700mm
Width: 680mm
Wall Thickness: 100mm - 110mm


Dimensions - Through Masonary Wall Double Sided Fireplace

Height: 920mm
Width: 696mm
Wall Thickness: 468mm - 748mm


Gemini Freestanding - Clearances and Hearths

Minimum Hearth Size: Width: 900mm - Depth: 1750mm - Thickness: 6mm
(500mm in front of woodheater base)
Side Wall: 275mm
Hearth Type: Full - No Air Gap


Gemini Through Wall - Clearances and Hearths

Minimum Heath Size: Width: 969mm - Depth: 1750mm - Thickness: 6mm
(500mm in front of woodheater base)
Hearth Type: Full - No Air Gap


*Peak efficiency % quoted

gemini dual door freestanding woodheater eureka


Gemini Through Wall or thru Wall

The Gemini "through wall" dual room heater has been designed to be installed into a combustible (plaster) interior wall (100mm to 110mm thickness).

In one room you have a freestanding heater and in the other room you have an insert.

gemini through wall


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