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The Onyx freestanding unit is a large powerful woodheater, designed to heat a home of up to 300m2.

The features include a huge bay window, robust firebox with 8mm baffle plate, along with the stylish appearance of the Eureka range.


Emissions: 1.3g
Efficiency: 65%*
Log Length: 450mm


  • Unique pre-heated primary and secondary combustion air for "total burn".
  • Minimum wall clearance. 100mm from a rear wall and 300mm from a side wall. 50mm from the corners in a corner installation.
  • Maximum heat output and long burn periods per fuel load.
  • Quality three-speed fan, designed for easy access and removal.
  • Optional Gold or Chrome door.
  • Deep ash bed for convenient ash retention.
  • Minimum hearth requirements.
  • Strong welded seam and folded 6mm firebox.
  • Superior baked high temperature paint finish.
  • 5mm heat and shock resistant clear vision door glass.
  • Firebrick lining on the sides and back of the firebox which enhances the combustion efficiency whilst protecting the most vulnerable part of the firebox.



Capacity: Up to 300m2
Height: 795mm
Width: 772mm
Depth: 575mm
Weight: 205kg
Back of woodheater to centre of flue: 165mm


Clearances and Hearth Dimensions

Minimum Hearth Size: Width: 1170mm - Depth: 1020mm - Thickness: 4mm
(300mm in front of woodheater base)
Rear Wall: 100mm
Side Wall: 330mm
Corner: 50mm


*Peak efficiency % quoted

onyx freestanding woodheater eureka


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